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Women are incredibly hard working with an incredible passion for their children. They sacrifice every day for the lives of these vulnerable, precious  and hungry little souls.


We are Christ Followers, committed to empowering the African people in their walk of faith, and to create long term sustainable and reproducible businesses. This will increase the opportunities for success and economically and relationally transform communities.



We are fortunate and privileged to be a part of the team that supports and grows the new and established business savings groups in Zimbabwe.

Amy and Jeremy have been working with Patrick at Nhaka Foundation

When we were in Zimbabwe, we visited Rose of Sharon Welfare Organization...

Business Savings Group
Nhaka Foundation
Local Partnerships


Founded in 2012, by Ron and Cathy King, Rock Forward was formed after an exploratory trip to Zimbabwe, Africa, and a deep passion to be in relationship with the African people.  Ron and Cathy began a relationship with a young screen printer named Rob Simupindi. He is a screen printer with a heart to train other widows in a trade resulting in the ability to feed their hungry children and other orphans.

Recent Annual Reports

Check out our most recent annual reports!

- 2020 Annual Report -

- 2019 Annual Report -

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